Data Feeds for images with different sizes and orientations


Have you guys created a data feed with images with different sizes and orientations? I am having issues where I have most of my images in a horizontal position but one or two are vertical, but the collection keeps either distorting the image, or changing the orientation. Any thoughts?

Hi @mauricio1 and welcome to Intuiface community!

Today, Intuiface collections such as Asset Grids are made to have items with the same size / orientation.
Could you tell us more about your experience layout and data source?

You can also contact our support team if you prefer to keep your project private.



So my layout is vertical, and it is just a simple data source of images. It is a mix of landscape and portrait. I don’t understand why there is not an option to have a mix of layouts in a collection

A short answer: Intuiface’s ordered collections, such as Asset Grids, use a unique size for all children items to provide a 100% control on the size & position of items.
With a mixed layout, you can’t predict what the collection will look like before feeding it with the data.

An alternative solution would be to use a free-layout kind of collection, such as a Scroll collection, and position your images in X/Y/Width/Height. We have users generating such layouts using Excel files as a data source, and entering these 4 values for each elements there.

Else I recommend you to start a new thread about your collection suggestion in our #wishlist category.

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oooooooh wait, so I could insert position in Excel!!! This is a game changes. As long as there is a work around, I am golden.

Thank you Seb!

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You’re welcome!

Check this sample: it will give you an idea about using positions in Excel.


Part of this issue is that Intuiface is not reading the EXIF info for each file in terms of orientation…this is part of a request that has caused me some problems…see HERE