Ideal system specs for an image wall

Hi experts, what is the ideal system configuration to run an interactive image wall that is connected to 3 full HD monitors.

The wall will display about 2000 images oncreen, that when touched brings up an an asset flow of about 7 images within it.

There will also be transition videos between screen changes, so can someone help with the ideal specs of the hardware required to manage all of this without hiccups.


Oh, no replies till now, experts waiting for your sugesstions

I would say,

and I7 8700K
Atleast a GTX 1060 or above
800w PSU
A fast SSD

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Hi Louie, thank you for this, greatly appreciated. I think they got a Quadro 620 graphics card, I hope that is able to handle it.

That is a very old GPU, I would recommend upgrading.

@melvyn_br I have used Matrox cards with a very good performance in a 6 projectors setup.

For your case, this one will do the job: