Four 4K monitors 75"

Would a GeForce RTX 2080 be enough card to run 4 4k monitors?

8 ro 11 GB?


Hi Brian,

The question is difficult to answer, since it depends a lot on the content you’ll play in the experience.
If you plan to have mainly static content, 1 video playing at a time, any card able to output 4x4K would do.
If you plan to play 4 x 4K videos in parallel, a P4000 could be a good place to start. The RTX 2080 seems to have even higher specs, so it sounds like a good option, although we have never tested these cards.

You can check these other threads with other Intuiface users building multi-screen setups:

Guys like @Promultis or @mauricio actually have a better than us since the highest GPU we have in the office is a GTX 1070 :sweat_smile:

Thanks @Seb

@Hootie the question to ask is, what are you hoping to run on the RTX 2080? although it is an almighty GPU. I am not 100% sure you can span x4 4K displays together to create 7680x4320 resolution. That being said if it is possible there are many things to consider in regarding performance.

As @Seb mentioned above have a read through the posts. The RTX 2080 on paper destroys the Quadro P4000 non-RTX so if you have the option to test the GPU with multiple 4K displays i could only offer you advice on the hardware recommendation and how to optimize the experience. But in the past building an experience with such high resolution you potentially run into performance issues if you are running a highbitrate videos, flash files, large images, multiple animations etc.:nerd_face:

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Thanks for fast replies.

We will basically display a lot a excel driven data as tags on calendars, asset flows… not much if any video or pdf. I was looking for single card (Intuiface recommended) with a max resolution 7680x4320. The RTX had that in its spec sheet.

There is also the P5000 with the same max resolution, but double the price.

I have to choose the right card soon because we are building 3 separate (2x2) displays and the monitors are on the way!


I am restricted to using Dell Precision 7820 Dual Xeon Gold with 32 GB ram and SSD.
I have open checkbook for the graphic card!!


Should my experiences be created at the total resolution 7680x4320? The Pin Board collection states 4kx4k max. could I get around this limit if using 2 pin board collections, one on each vertical half of the wall?

I picked the Quadro RTX5000 and am seeing some misalignment when if full screen mode. I placed lines at the exact horizontal & vertical centers of the experience and each screen is a bit off, the lines do not line up where they should. Plus, Nvidia and Windows have assigned different identities to the screens. Is there a calibration step I have missed?


Hi Brian,

For a more precise follow-up on your case, I recommend you to contact our support team and share your XP with them.

Regarding the 4 x 4K limitation for the pinboard, I think it’s an old one that we forgot to remove from the help center. I can create a larger one in my Composer, so I guess you can too. Give it a try and let us know.
I’ll see with the product team if this limitation should be removed from the article.

Sure does work. No issues. Thanks Seb!

BTW, Intuiface looks awesome on 150" of touch screen goodness.


I am using the “Task Board” as the base for my first experience. It will be used for 2 calendars side by side (2 screens tall). I will need to have separate pin boards with the associated excel files to make this work. I am not too familiar with modifying column names or excel file names on existing IA’s. What would be the suggested approach in doing this.

We need to see pictures or a video now :wink:

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Renaming a Excel column already used in an experience is not a good idea, since you’d lose any binding done on that column.
I’d recommend to add your columns first, update the bindings to use your data, then delete the unnecessary columns.


Working like a charm. Thanks for the pointer on adding columns!