How to integrate 3D virtual tours with interactive digital signage (tutorial)

As a member of various 3D virtual tour communities, I wanted to cross-pollinate those groups with some Intuiface awareness. So I put together this basic tutorial. If you are interested in 3D virtual tour creation, the software I like the most are, and


Paolo, I think you need to start a side business making tutorial videos! You speak very clearly and make the content easy to understand. Great graphics to accompany your voice over as well. Great job all around.

@AlexB Thanks! I’ll have to explore a possible career as a Youtuber :slight_smile:

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Fantastic Paolo,

When I get time I’m hoping to do a lot more interaction like this, with champions like yourself helping promote Intuiface it further strengthens the product and the great community. Well done mate.

Thanks for the kind words @Ryan :slight_smile: