How to bind remote trigger

I have several videos, PPT, and the word which I want to showcase on another tv with the remote action but I want to bind them as whenever new PPT or video comes, I should only edit at one place and it gets changed to everywhere

store it in a shared folder then

How it will help can you please explain me in detail?

Store the entire experience in a shared folder like google drive

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Thx… for the comment but I have two TV setup and I want to send video from Screen A to Screen B So Screen A has already some video on screen and I would like to replace that I am attaching the picture for better understanding

If you have a Windows computer, you can spread the experience across two monitors and change the aspect ratio of the experience to be very wide. Screen 01 is the left half and Screen 02 is the right half. On the right half, just show/hide the content you want. It’s a cheat, but who cares if it still gets you the effect you want.

Thx… For the advice but that will not help here as in Screen 01 i have lots of interactive content

That’s okay. You can have as much interactive content on the left side as you want. That’s the beauty of Intuiface.


Did you check this thread: Creating a Cross Fade Video Transition + Bonus (Remote Control Experience)
It could give you some ideas regarding your experiences architectures.

you need to create and extended display presentation that is the size both displays. Then in the screen 1 portion you design what screen 1 includes and screen 2 for the videos. You can then control screen 2 display from screen 1 (change videos, etc.)

Hey Seb, Thank you so much this information is very helpful.

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