HCMS - The Click Wish List

I have 99 wishes and this wish is one of them.

01- A better media repository. I have 8 different Experiences that use many different videos. But there is one video that is common among them. With the current version of the HCMS, if I create 8 different bases, I will need to upload this video 8 times. What a waste of space, time, and bandwidth. A better option would be to upload my media to a library/folder in my HCMS, and then just select which one I need to use with each base.

Please feel free to add yours.

02- My bases are growing. I need a better way to organize them. Sorting and filtering is the minimum. Tagging would be a bonus. But creating a category or a folder for bases is a must eventually.

03- Duplicating a Base would be super useful.

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04- Duplicating a Structure would be good too, to the same Base or another Base similar to the way we duplicate a chart.

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05- It would be great to add the records in any structure in a vertical manner instead of the horizontal way as it is.

06- I would like to be able to filter by account the same way I see my licenses by account.

07- When I load an image to my content in HCMS, all I see is a small icon that represents the image. Although you can see the name of the image at the bottom of the browser Window if you hover over it, it would be better if I see the name of the image included with the icon.

08- I would like be able to change the name of the video or image after it has been uploaded to the HCMS.

This may be pretty obvious, but I’ll throw it out there anyway:

In addition to experience-specific bases, I’ve started using ‘shared’ or ‘common’ bases to hold data that I want to have available in multiple experiences (like type styles/settings/common icons). Think of it kind of like an experience layer that carries data between scenes, but these bases carry data between experiences. This way, if I use a common naming convention, I can use equal filters to apply a group of settings (from my common/shared base) to an item or data set in a specific experience.

Hi Phil,

You can already do that, since you can import multiple bases in a single experience.
In such cases, you might think about using variants instead of filters, where this “common base” would have multiple variations, for each of your individual experiences.

Let me know your thoughts about that.

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@ahmed ,

Thanks for all your suggestions! I didn’t come back to you earlier because I wanted to check with our product team and so far, they are all (except #8 maybe) in our roadmap :wink:
The next major milestone is the Excel / CSV import/export, so stay tuned !


@Seb you do not have to come back. I am just listing them whenever I could think of a feature that I think is missing based on my experience with other traditional DS CMSs. We want it to be one of a kind that has the best of everything. We want it to be the Micheal Jordan, Zaidan, and Mark Knopfler of all CMSs.


Hello Seb,

I’m already partially doing that with variants for some of the items (like icons). So far, it seems that some of the other settings are better as collections for the way I have things set up. Thanks for the hints.

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  1. Reordering rows with a drag and drop or cut and paste. It should be an urgent feature. Imagine this scenario:
    1- Uploaded video A into row 1. Video A is 3 GB large
    2- Uploaded video B into row 2. Video B is 3 GB large

The client wanted to change the sequence. So, I have to delete video a from row 1 and upload video B. Then delete video B from row 2, and upload video A. If you have a slow internet connection, then…

  1. We have a great horizontal and vertical view of the content. It is time for the card view. Sorting would even be easier. This is also an important and urgent feature that is very much needed.

11- A required option for fields/cells. If I add a field/cell and make it required, It should not publish until the field/cell is filled.

12- Dropdown options with the ability to add a default field. This will be nice.

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13- Undo. By mistake, instead of viewing the video, I clicked on the x, and now I have to upload it again.

14- Confirmation of removing an image or video asset. That would be nice.

15- A base can have a few structures (say A,B,C,D). A good idea. However, it is not a good idea when you have different experiences and each Experience uses only one or two structures. But when syncing, Composer and the player will sync all the contents of all the structures. A workaround would be to create a few bases. but this means you have to repeat the sharing.