Hardware recommendations (pc and screens)


Hi guys,
It’s my first time buying hardware for intuiface player. Since I don’t have any previous experience with hardware for touch screens I would love to hear some feedback and recommendations from the community about good setup and places online to get them. I’m going to be running a trade show presentation/kiosk on 42" Elo screen (HD). Presentation will consist of product pages that include photos, videos. Nothing too heavy but I want to make sure that there is no hick-ups because of hardware. Based on the recommendations on intuilab website I found this setup:
They have no return policy so I want to make sure that this is a good buy. There are mixed reviews about the Nucs and their graphic cards. Any suggestion with mini pcs? Good places to buy them? Any feedback and links to other resources are greatly appreciated. Thanks ~Adam


Hi Adam,

You could look at one of these products.

I know these work brilliantly with Multitouch software.

Multitouch Screens - For a Touchreen.


A Standard Kiosk would be perfect for a Exhibition

Standard Kiosk

Or Tables

Touch Tables

Hope this helps


Hi @adam,

We were quite surprised by the performance of the first Intel NUC we bought and used on a tradeshow. We went through http://www.e-itx.com/intel-nuc-systems.html to buy it and didn’t have any issue with them.

The one you reference is not the latest generation of i5 (5xxx series). I think you might find a 6th gen at nearly the same price now. At the moment, 4gb of RAM is enough for a Player machine.



We’ve used Intel NUC Skull Canyon PC’s in or latest project. They work great.


Hi @adam,

Could you please give us some feedback about the hardware you chose to run your experience on the tradeshow?




Hi guys,
Quick update on the hardware topic. For our original set up (trade show environment) we bought a couple of Elo 42" 4202L Projected Capacitive screens that run with two Intel NUC Skull Canyon PCs (8G of RAM). Everything was installed on Premier Mounts TL72-MS2 Floor Stands.

Screen (ELO) - Very happy with those. Client had them running in some extreme conditions (outside booth in the desert) and they perform flawlessly.

Computer - Our interactive presentation had a lot of videos and pictures so we wanted to be on the safe side and make sure the hardware can handle it. The NUCs performed well but on the beginning we had some unexpected crashes (the player would restart). Running Intel Driver Update Utility resolved the issue. I’m pretty happy with the NUC and their small size but for the next set up we decided to go with Elo computer module. Benefit of integrated computer and screen was greater then the price difference between NUC and Elo’s computer module.

Stand - Since the overall set up was pretty heavy, we wanted to make sure we had full confidence in the stand so it would not tilt. The Premier Mounts stand is awesome. Well worth the price.



Thanks for this feedback Adam.
Would you mind sharing the specs of the Elo computer module (processor, RAM, graphic chipset)?

Thanks a lot



Hi Adams,

I notice your use of the Intel Driver Update Utility. This may be very useful, as otherwise finding out the latest/best Intel driver for HD GPU is far from easy (especially default Microsoft drivers are usually far from good). It may dramatically change HD GPU performance for IntuiFace.

Good to know!



Hi Seb,
The Elo computer module that I got is based on Intel Core i7, with 8G of RAM and Intel HD 4600 Graphics. I think it’s Elo’s top and fastest unit for this monitor setup. I just recently got it so I’m still testing it. So far I love the integrated look of the computer and monitor. Looks awesome. The computer was preloaded with Win 10 and all Elo’s drivers. I’m including a couple of pics. If anyone is interested I will write a small review after I’m done with the presentation. I also just got a 22" Elo’s touchscreen with built in computer. I think it’s also their best version with Intel i5 processor. This will be used for smaller trade shows. It’s a handy table top system that I think clients will love. I’ll write a little more after I play with it for a while. Here are some pics of the 42" Elo with computer unit.


Hi Adam,
very happy to see that you have ELO in use because we have an Android device here in the office too.
Now thinking of Win10 Version with the i5 processor. So i am wondering if you did experience any issues using it? Thanks a lot for sharing.


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Hi Michael, No issues with the setup. It works great and client really likes it as well. The only issue we had was the external wifi modem that we had to get for the unit. Original Elo box doesn’t have a wifi built in and usb modem that we added with antenna broke twice already.