Green Screen functionality

This would be great if you could have this feature as it would enhance the photo booth capabilities.

  • Changing a background on a Photo - This would be the most obvious use for this feature.
  • Changing a background on a live Video - Webcam Asset.

You guys should implement this!

Vote for this idea;

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This would be awesome if you could implement it !!

Agreed would be awesome

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There must be more people that want this to happen! Please can you guys implement this! :grin:

i’m not sure if i voted for this - how can i check?

You will see the radio button for Yes to be highlighted.

Kind Regrads


Will this ever happen :disappointed:

@Louie_Smith I was able to implement a green screen functionality in Intuiface using a Virtual Webcam like However, once you configure the green screen background image in Sparkocam, I haven’t been able to switch backgrounds from within Intuiface.

I tried using batch commands and remote controls from within Intuiface to load various Sparkocam presets that would swap backgrounds from inside my XP, but I had limited luck so far.
Something to explore are AHK ( commands to simulate the manual configuration of the app, and other virtual webcams such as Manycam ( If you happen to figure out how to seamlessly swap backgrounds, please let us know.


Any Update on this @Mihai @Seb?

It would be cool to have it.

Of course video recording should be released as well

Hi guys,

Since there are tools on the market that does the job of removing the background / adding effects on a camera and it’s not really the core job of IntuiFace, this feature has a quite low priority on our roadmap.
As mentioned earlier, I’d try to find a software that can act as a proxy between the raw camera signal and what you display within the Webcam asset of IntuiFace.
Another lead to investigate would be to find some libraries, such as seriously.js and see if something can be done through our HTML asset.

All the IntuiLab team is working on the next 6.2 release that will have great new features, including the one announced here.

For those who keep investigating this green sceen / chroma key / background removal feature, please let us know of your progress in this thread.


@alban Just incase you forgot :wink:

@Louie_Smith : thanks for the kind reminder :slightly_smiling_face:. It was a pleasure to discuss with you today.

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