Excel bindings dissapear?



Hello everyone,

I often notice that bindings I made earlier to images and text in excel sheets are all of a sudden unbound. I can’t really figure out when this exactly happens. First I thought it was when I moved a sheet in the excel file or when I add a excel sheet to the excel file but I’m not sure. Have any of you experienced this or does somebody know what causes images and texts to be unbound?



I do have multiple excel files with multipe sheets I don’t know if that could be part of the problem?



Do you re-import the excel file after editing it? If this is the case, you should directly edit the already imported excel. In the Interface Assets Panel right click on the excel IA and select Edit in Excel.



Hi again Mihai,

No I always edit the excel files directly from the Composer as you described above. Often i’m not even editing that specific Excel file when the bindings dissapear. I often notice it when I go to the scene in the Composer. I have copied the project once a while ago, could that be part of the problem?



Hi Max,

Is your experience hosted on an external drive? If this is not the case, then you might have encountered a bug. When you have time please open a ticket on support.intuilab.com, I will take it from there.



Hi Mihai,

No it’s hosted directly on my compiuter C drive. I’m opening a ticket right now. Thank you for your help.


Hi Max,

Your issue seems to have been related to a specific excel crash you have encountered.
The crash condition is corrected in 5.7.5 version of IntuiFace.

I advise anyone reading this thread to update IntuiFace to version 5.7.5. as it fixes a crash condition which potentially leads to loss of excel bindings.

Other causes for excel binding loss are:

  • Renaming an excel Column after importing it
  • Renaming an excel spread-sheet after importing it

You can find more details about excel in the following thread: http://support.intuilab.com/kb/interface-assets/interface-asset-excel#for-composer