Events on a dragged object

How do I track the events of a dragged item in a collection?
Today you can use the triggers of the scene’s fixed structure, not its runtime elements.

I wanted to allow another type of action on an element dragged from a collection, that is, in this instance of the element at run time, I want to create different actions than those that exist inside the collection.

Do you have anything you could share to visualise what you are wanting to acheieve?

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I am creating an experience where I felt the need to control or read objects when they are outside the collection.

There should be a universe of events for items outside a collection.

What do you want to trigger when an item is manipulated outside of a collection?

I already got around it somehow.
My experience is well beyond this doubt I had in the past. When another similar need arises I reactivate this topic.


Not restricted to collections.
Now I need, for example, to close an open snapshot in the runtime experience.
This object does not exist so I can program this.
It will only exist when I create it at runtime.

I’m showing a field at the top layer for the user to enter their email, but the snapshot is on top.

You can disable the automatic creation of a snapshot. You just need to uncheck this property:


This is marked. I wanted it that way.
I want the user to see the snapshot he just asked to do himself.
This is minimal feedback to the user.
I don’t know if you saw it in my video, but this snapshot disappeared and only appeared when I enabled a specific layer.
This is what is wrong.

There is no video in this thread, so I assume you’re referring to Snapshot image does not appear, where I just answered.

In fact I had already informed you that I bypassed this in some other way.
So you brought another subject from another problem I have, coincidentally, into this topic.
And it ended up confusing.

Ok then, I’ll close this topic to avoid any additional confusion on this matter :slight_smile: