Does Anyone Use a Wacom Tablet with Intuiface?

I’m curious if anyone out there uses a Wacom tablet with Intuiface? Do you like it? What are the benefits/drawbacks?

I use an ergonomic Logitech mouse, but I’m always looking for other comfortable input devices. I’ve always been curious if Wacom tablets are versatile enough for non-illustration projects. Thanks!

I haven’t used a Wacom tablet in ages (and was quite a bad user anyways), but from my personal opinion, I don’t see it being really adapted to Composer usage. I do use a Logitech mouse 99% of the time (laptop trackpad when in “travel mode” :wink: ), and I “couldn’t live” without the previous/next buttons on under my thumb. Not in Composer per say, but more in Windows explorer / my browser.
Having a touchscreen on the laptop / as a desktop monitor helps a lot, not to create the experience, but to test it “quickly” without having to switch to the real Player too often. More info on my setup here.