Developer with experience in integrating Unity in Intuiface

Hi everyone,

For a project we want to integrate Unity world inside a Intuiface experience. This is for displaying higher quality 3D renderings.

Because lack of experience on this level we would like to collaborate with someone who already has experience with programming for Unity and who has been able to integrate this in to a Intuiface experience.

Please let me know if you are interested!



Hi Max, I doubt you will be able to integrate Unity directly into intuiface. What are you intending to develop, if its just 3D there maybe other workarounds, I may be able to help.

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Have a look here:

You should be able to import a unity asset using this IA.

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Another way to integrate IF and Unity is to use transparent backgrounds and run Unity separately:


Another way can be to just integrate Unity as a web app, using the Web Browser :slight_smile:

I made a quick test with this game: which is probably a bit more complex than a 3D object renderer.

If you host this page on a local server on the machine, you can even send some commands to it through an API, and have the Unity app send local network triggers back to the Player.

EDIT: I found this tutorial online:
It contains source files to recompile. I don’t have Unity installed anymore and don’t really have the time to investigate these days (ISE is coming…), but by recompiling this project as a web app, hosting it on a local server and playing it through the web browser, you might have something working pretty easily.


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Hi everyone,

Thank you all for your replies. Apologies for my late reply.

The thing we try to achieve is to get 3D environment of a kitchen where by dragging and dropping for example elements of this 3D kitchen can be changed (think of different kind color cabinets or a different countertop).

Do you think this is possible to create in Unity or would you suggest something else?

I believe you are trying to create a product configurator. Unity can certainly do it. If the role of Intuiface would be to select the color of the kitchen, and have Unity visualize the new look, you’ll need to program the connection between the two apps AND program Unity to change colors to the 3D model. There is going to be some work involved.

I wonder if there is an easier way. Depending on how many combinations of colors, items, etc. you may explore the integration of SketchFab models embedded in your XP. And maybe their Configurator too.


@tosolini Thank you for this suggestion and the explanation about Unity! In total it would be like 20 combinations/models. I didn’t know SketchFab yet but it looks really good, maybe this would be a better solution for this project