Conditional modification of Video Playback parameters (Audio volume)


Here’s a situation where I could easily accomplish what I need quickly with code and, seemingly, not at all intuitively with Intuiface.

I have multiple video files in a Scene, each with an audio track.
The scene is setup such that the videos are embeded within a flipchart, each contained within an Asset Grid.
When the video is ‘Popped Out’, it begins playing.
All this works nicely.

The issue is that when we have two or more videos ‘Popped Out’ and playing, we need to be able to somehow conditionally mute all but one of the videos. Weather it’s the first opened or the last opened, doesnt matter so much.

I do see that one can ‘bind’ the volume of the video element, but I am not sure how to make the volume of, let’s say, the most recently opened video, contingent upon that of all other playing videos.

Does this make sense?
Thanks for any input… I’m obviously very new to this platform.
… And I want to like it!! ( But things like this make me think there might not be a solution which doesnt involve coding when you introduce even a mild degree of complexity. )

Anyway, hope I’m wrong,…
have a good weekend, Cheers!


So to be able to get this to work you would need to have the trigger and action that will set the volume to mute one a video is being played.

For example

  • If Video 1 is playing mute audio on Video 2,3
  • Once Video 1 is closed set volume normal and then the process would be the same for all the other videos in your XP.

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Hi @it1,
This is an interesting scenario which is not possible at the moment.

Granted, we cannot have all the possible scenarios in mind when designing our product, but that’s one of the reasons we have a user community for :slight_smile:
I brought this up with our product team and we’ve added a wishlist item based on your idea. You’re welcome to vote for it.

Mute sound of other Video Assets when user plays a Video

Thank you for the responses.
I was able to get this to work with the suggestions above.
I created a new empty scene with two video clips and did the following:
Created a Trigger which goes ON when a clip starts playing, and an Action which sets the volume of a clip which was already playing to 0. (I’ve only confirmed this with two videos).

Unfortunately, this does not seem to work in the configuration I described initially.
I have the videos nested inside a flipcharts inside an asset grid.
With the ‘Starts to play’ Trigger attached to a video I am able to affect some change ,(I was able to get the currently displayed element of a given FlipChart to switch), but I am unable to make anything happen to the playback state of another video. Cant make another video start or stop or, as I need, change the volume.

If anyone can confirm or deny they get the same result, I’d appreciate it.

Again, thanks for the responses!!!