Mute sound of other Video Assets when user plays a Video


For now, when playing multiple videos, the soundtrack of each one will be played simultaneously with the others.

One possible solution to solve this issue is to set a trigger for each video and link it with actions to set volume of other videos to 0.

The idea here is to address this scenario more easily with a simple action that set volume of playing videos to 0 automatically when playing a particular video.

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Conditional modification of Video Playback parameters (Audio volume)

I agree, but think the situation could be generalized to: “give priority to the sound of the most recently triggered video”, rather than “when playing a particular video” as stated above.

Unfortunately, like I stated in my post ( Conditional modification of Video Playback parameters (Audio volume) ) , the existing solution of creating a Trigger and Action which sets currently playing videos volume to 0 when playing a new clip does not seem to work when those videos are ‘nested’ within collections. (In my case I have an asset grid containing a number of flipcharts which contain images and videos).