Can i save my experience as exe file?

hello everyone hope you’re all okay

i was wondering can i save my experience as exe file …?

thanks in advance

Hi @memo_treka22,

An Intuiface experience can only be saved in ifx format from Composer and needs to be run through Intuiface Player.
Soon, you’ll have more options with Intuiface on the web


Ooo. I’m a video editor when I’m not working on IF, and more options = happy Megan, although for me that’s usually more takes of a line = happy Megan, ha. It’ll be interesting to see what everyone does with the new options!

@memo_treka22 - Quick question: Do you mind telling us why you’d like an .exe version? If you need a smaller, more portable version of your IF XP, you can always make a .zip. I use that function ALL. THE. TIME. to back up older versions of the XP so that if in the process of making changes and I screw up, I always have a point to get back to. Hope this helps…? :woman_shrugging: