Our first preview of Player Next Gen is live!

First mentioned two years ago when we kicked off a major development effort, the next generation of our Player technology is now just a couple of months away, scheduled to launch in late September. Eager to see it in action? Well guess what - you can.

Check it out: Intuiface Experiences And The Web

What is Player Next Gen? It’s brand new Player technology, built from the ground up to deliver two major revolutions in how Intuiface experiences are run:

  1. Play experiences in a webpage or as a local app
    Your experiences are no longer limited to the venue, freed to provide complementary content on websites or on personal devices, no Player to install. Use these new deployment options to promote venues, complement on-kiosk content, provide take-home collateral, or equip a mobile sales force with experiences packaged to look and act just like a native app.
  2. Greatly improve performance and resource utilization
    Run experiences on mobile phones, macOS/Linux devices, Raspberry Pi, and multi-screen displays - all with stellar performance that competes with the best of natively written software code. It’s vastly better performance that opens the door to both green computing initiatives and better use of existing hardware.

Admittedly, it’s just a taste. But it’s not vaporware; it’s the real deal. Meanwhile, we remain on target for the launch, which means between now and then expect a variety of communication on the topic.

Take a look and let us know what you think!


I’m looking forward to taking this for a test drive. Way to go Geoff, Seb and the rest of Intui team.


We’re excited! COVID did delay things but what can you do… As noted, more communication to come over the summer.

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