Asset Grid Excel Filter

I’d like to filter an excel database using the Asset Grid collection, but only have filter by greater than and less than. Why is there not a greater than or equal too like the other grids?


Hi @DLazar,

I moved your question to our #wishlist category since it’s a request I’ve already seen in the past. I’ll forward this request to our product team.

In the meantime, what kind of values are you trying to filter?
If these are regular numbers (ex: integers), you can use converters on your values to add / subtract 1 to the value your are trying to compare to add that “or equal to” capability.
I know it’s not the easiest / ideal solution for you, but it’s one that is available now, since I don’t have a timeline for such feature improvement to be implemented, considering our current priorities.

Let me know if that would work for you.


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