Anyone invent Gravity yet?

Working on a Plinko game with TOUI… dreading coding the “Drop” though. Anyone do anything like this yet?

I don’t get what you mean by this post? Could you explain a little more?

The way Plinko works is you take a round puck type object to the top, and drop it down into the pegs below. Bouncing left or right all the way down into the “prize” section. Essentially need this puck object to enter the top, when crosses over an area it “drops” from control and follows a path down and moves over left/right when hitting a peg.

The Tangible Object User Interface will be used to pick the puck up, place it on a Portrait mounted display to align your puck on the screen. Players will have different pucks etc. It’s for Kids mostly in waiting rooms.

Hi @lgit,

Such an implementation would require a physics engine to handle both gravity but also the collision and rebounds on the pegs. Intuiface doesn’t offer such an engine off-the-shelf, for now.
The only way at the moment to implement such a thing would be to develop it in HTML5 and use the HTML Frame asset or Web Browser asset.
Now, connecting the TUIO Interface Asset to an HTML Frame / Web Browser would be another problem to solve, probably through direct code within the HTML as well.

You can have a look at this community discussion which shows how to integrate an advanced web feature into an Intuiface XP: AR Photobooth with Intuiface - inspired by "Dallas Cowboys' Pose With The Pros"