ADA Compliancy Suggestions

Hey everybody,

I’m currently working on a project that involves an Asset Grid which creates a list of people from top to bottom on a portrait screen. The problem is when they reach the top of the list, somebody in a wheelchair cannot reach the first item on the list to select it since it’s at the tippy top of the screen.

Any suggestions on how I should handle this? It would be great if the Asset Grid was circular, so when you reached the bottom of the list, it cycles back around to the first item.


HI Chuck @programmers,

Unfortunately, there is not yet a collection that will provide you with this behavior, off the shelf, in Composer.

One UI/UX solution I could see would be to add an “accessibility” button that would switch from a “regular” layout to an ADA compliant layout. My guess is that the person at the top of the asset grid is only the first object in a longer list of buttons/commands that won’t be available for someone in a wheelchair on a portrait experience (ex: close buttons tend to be in top right corners).

@tosolini may have some inputs about ADA compliant designs, and @Alex may also have some ideas when he’s back next week :wink:


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A couple things I thought about was to have a button that reversed the direction of the list which would put the top list item at the bottom. I think what I’m ultimately going to go with is adding some blank list items to the very top of the Asset Grid that will allow the user to scroll the top item down to their level.

I’m more than open to other suggestions also, as it seems to be a topic that always comes up.

Two ideas come to mind.

  1. Offer an ADA button that moves the entire scene down along the lines of Apple Reachability feature
  2. Implement a remote menu that mirrors the screen functionality on a mobile device. You may want to check this Accessibility sandbox example