2way real time Voice-Translation on a screen

I saw this a few days a go on the web.

Does anyone have tryed something similar with Intuiface?

Hi Giannis @mypaneltv,

I don’t think I’ve seen exactly such a project built in Intuiface but I don’t see any reason why you couldn’t build it.
If I had to give it a go, I would:

  • Use OpenAI Whisper for the voice recognition, combined with a reliable directional microphone (ideally with some noise reduction features).
  • Use OpenAI GPT4 (or any other translation API such as Google Translate) to perform the actual translation
  • I’m not sure how that double sided transparent screen works as I’ve only seen single sided ones from LG, so either I would have to look for such hardware, or replace it with a cheaper regular glass and 2 separate monitors (1 for the teller, 1 for the visitor)

Spoiler alert: Both these Interface Assets already exist and can be downloaded in this thread: Accessible Interactive AI Kiosk (GPT-4 + Speech Recognition), thanks to the courtesy of Paolo @tosolini. A more official version will be released by Intuiface in a few weeks.

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Hello Seb,

I remember tosolini’s (amazing) thread. Thats why I haved put my request here.
We have a request for a case like this. I thought that intuiface could help me build it.
My idea for the screen placement was: This glass screen can be the LG you mention with 2 diferent zones in the canvas (1 for the A language and 1 fliped for the translated B language).

I have to do more research… lol