Zooming lens

Has anyone ever create a sort of lens contained in a circle that if moved over an image makes a zoom? That’s an FX tool that could makes the experience more interesting. Thx

Hi Andrea, this should be possibe by using the dragged/moved over trigger. Maybe place hotspots at various points, then use the dragged/moved over and set the action to resize the image.

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Hi Melvyn, that’s a good option thank you. However I’ve seen an experience where lens works constantly while dragged over the image. I hope there is a workflow that takes me to that effect. I’ll test your suggestiion. thanks

Is this the demo X-Ray experience you’re referring to or is it something else ? If its the X-Ray, then that is not the zoom, it just reveals the actual picture. There could be a workaround using this that should allow you to use a zoomed picture for the actual picture, playing with the settings could get it working right.

Hi Melvyn, here is a YouTube video which shows that effect I’m refereeing to: Touch screen per The North Face - fiera Ispo 2017 - YouTube
Let me know if this is the work around you suggested. Many thanks

Hi guys,

X-ray design accelerator goes in the right direction to achieve your desired behavior.
Using Linear Converter concept plus two hidden text assets bound to get the x/y coordinates of the group that will act as a magnifying glass will get the job done.

We have created an XP so you can dig into the details (all the credit to my dear colleague @Alex who really nailed this one!). It can be downloaded from below link, hope it helps!

TestZoom XP



Just a quick remark for the sake of clarity, actually the 2 hidden text assets are used to debug. Both can be removed and the XP will keep on working as intended.


Hi Alberto, that’s so awesome! Thanks a lot for sharing…I don’t know how you reach it but that’s what I needed. Is there a way to change the shape from rectangle to round or eclipse?

Hi Andrea,

You are welcome! Even though we have tried to figure out a workaround to change the shape to a circular one, it has not been possible. Unfortunately group collections can only have rectangular/square shape. If in the future we are able to implement this feature, we would let you know.


Hi Andrea, yes that is the sort of thing I got with the test.

Hi guys, thanks a lot for your helpful workflow. Indeed Intuiface lacks of fx effects that are highly requested from clients. I’ll post on whislist for a custom shape on groups tool. Let’s hope. Regards

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Thanks Andrea! Great initiative, posting your request on the wishlist section will help us to know if there are more users interested in the feature (and if that’s the case, raise it to our R&D team)

From where are you guys? Do you have a website? I’d love to see your works.Regards

Heya Andrea,

We are from Intuiface, and you can see our (team)“work” on http://www.intuiface.com :wink:


I dont work at intuiface, just do the projects

@melvyn_br is a unbelievably talented expert from Australia. Am I right? :+1:

Hi Bomee, yes, i do quite alot of work on intuiface, however, I am not based in Australia, I am from India.

Oh pardon me… a wrong guess!

Ah, that’s ok… no worries

Thanks for sharing this demo @Alex @amartin. I’d agree with @andrea that providing some special FX out of the box will help raise the bar of design sophistication for Intuiface XP. Because we are used to see smooth interactions on our phones / tables / PCs every day, our expectations have increased.

Maybe we should compile a list of the top 10 special FX that we’d love to find native in Intuiface, and with the help of your R&D team and the community at large, try to address them.