Zoom into a PDF inside a group

Is there any way to zoom in a PDF that is in a group without the other elements in the group being affected?

Hi @cullenb,

Just to make sure, do you want the other elements in the group being affected or not being affected?
In the first case, you should just have to zoom the group (=> set its container to Free).


Sorry if I was unclear. I was typing too fast. I’ve been playing around with this experience and realized that I cannot zoom into a “grouped” PDF and leave the other parts of the group unchanged. I have figured out a work-around by showing the group at location and then showing the PDF at the same location (not in a group) at the same time. This gives the appearance that it belongs with the group, without it actually having to be.

For a better assistance, I recommend you to contact our support team and share your experience with them :wink:
We need to see what you’re trying to achieve, but replacing the group with a pinboard could be an option.

That worked perfectly. I added a Show at Location action (to a “Close” button) to act on the PDF inside the group with that pinboard, so that it’s always in the same spot when that group is shown, regardless of the state it was left in when it was closed. Thanks!