Zoom image with no centre constraint in pinboard group

Hi, I’m trying to create a panel with an image within it that can be zoomed but that stays within a ‘cropped’ frame (ie much like zooming an image within a window in a desktop app). I’ve tried adding a pinboard group within another group which almost does what I need but has a limit in that it won’t for example allow a user to zoom into the corner as it constrains the location of the image so that the central point does not leave the frame. Is there any way to override this lock? I realise this means the image could disappear out of the interaction reach of the user but I have a reset to centre button return it.

Hi Oli,

This is not doable using a Pinboard or Scroll Collection as it’s hard-coded in it: you can’t move the center of your element past the boundaries to avoid losing that element.

Navigating through a constrained image can still be doable using a group, buttons and triggers/actions (but it’s not done through user direct touch unfortunately).

I’ve made a quick sample here for you to test: Community-ZoomMoveImage.zip (2.2 MB)