Zoom canvas in IntuiPad

Is it/would it be possible to add a zoom function in the IntuiPad companion app that lets me zoom to a particular area of the experience?

For example: in my current experience setup I am using 3 screens. I can interact as normal with the experience across all three screens, load, move and manipulate assets etc. If I remote connect to this experience using IntuiPad, I can do the same. However, on the iPad screen, I see the whole experience, which as it is designed for three screens, appears in a letterbox format on the iPad screen. While I can still use it, obviously it is quite small.

Is there a way I can zoom to part of the experience so I can ‘fill’ the iPad screen with it i.e. Zoom in to the part of the experience I have that shows on the left hand most screen of my three screen experience?

Thanks: thoughts welcome! :slight_smile:

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