XP initiated by User Walking Up to Monitor

Hello everyone! I hope you’re all keeping healthy out there.

I could swear that I saw something on here a while back (that I sadly didn’t bookmark… learn from my mistakes, padawans!) where an XP had a “sleep state” w/ an attract page playing until a sensor (or maybe it was a webcam) sensed that a user had walked up and was standing in front of the monitor, at which point it “awoke” to a menu. The client doesn’t necessarily want RFID cards to scan when the user walks up as they (client) may have tours with as many as 20+ people and are afraid of keeping track of that many cards. Any suggestions? Would it be possible to do a setup like this with just a webcam or other sensor, or does this require RFID cards?

Thank you in advance for any help you may be able to offer! :slight_smile:


Hi Megan,

This can be achieved by different means.

One is using Nexmosphere Presence Sensor. Intuiface comes with a built-in Nexmosphere Interface Asset that will allow you, considering you have the proper sensor plugged, to track detection in your Experience.
You can find a Nexmosphere demo Experience in our Marketplace (but you will need to get your hands on the hardware).
Presence Sensor is also what we use in the Reference Design “Entrance Flow Management” to detect someone is coming in front of the screen.

Another way to go is using OpenVINO with a webcam.
OpenVINO is specialized in face detection, but with a simplified setting and some tuning, detecting a face can be used as detecting someone.
We also have a built-in OpenVINO Interface Asset, see the dedicated article here.
If you want to test it, you need a webcam and install/configure OpenVINO (which is free).
Note we have also a related OpenVINO sample in the Marketplace.

Hope this helps!





AWESOME! That’s exactly what I needed, thank you.

Is there one process that you would recommend over the other, and if so, why is that one better?


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I really can’t say as it’s also strongly related to the physical place it’s gonna be installed and what the device will be.
Has it an integrated webcam? is it in a kiosk/cabinet? do you need to protect the webcam in some ways, or hide/protect the sensors from user messing/stealing? etc.
A lot of parameters to consider :slight_smile:

The good thing with OpenVINO, is that you can start testing on your own computer asap if you have a webcam … while waiting for your Nexmosphere order package to be delivered :stuck_out_tongue:

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LOL, poor webcam. I’m imagining it saying something akin to the famous, “Marcia! Marcia! Marcia!” quote from The Brady Bunch… “Nexmosphere gets ALL the attention (pout)”

The setup:

This is going to be in a large, enclosed room. The monitor will be mounted onto a mobile stand/table thingummy (at an angle- it’s not going to be completely flat) that can be moved around. It will have wi-fi. The room is a “display/demonstration lab” area and the client wants the ability to move modular units around depending on what they want to display or demonstrate. It does NOT have an integrated webcam. Frankly, the client has sprung this on me at the eleventh hour: the new renovations to the space will be revealed in the next month or two. I was approached last night about whether we could do this and could I at least research it. I’ve not been given information as to why this function is needed. I’ve emailed to ask what the goal of such a function is and I’m waiting for them to respond. I’ll let you know what I know when I know it.

I’m not sure if this helps. I’m going to assume that you won’t be able to properly advise me until we know this function’s “purpose” but you know what they say about assuming! :wink:

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I’d say … nothing beats real life :wink:

So I’ll go with the usual mantra: test, test, and test again.

Test in the room itself, test with webcam/OpenVINO, test with Nexmosphere, test if it’s convenient if you need to move the “mobile stand/table thingummy”, test if you can easily set the webcam/sensors (may requires some cable management, DIY, shouldn’t look too clunky) etc.


Megan… your scenario is perfect for the phidgets IR sensor. The things you will basically need is the phidget ir distance sensor and the phidgets 8/8/8 interface kit (PhidgetInterfaceKit 8/8/8 - 1018_3B at Phidgets). Intuiface has the interface assets for these built in, so it should work right away.

Paolo did create something like this I think… the IR distance sensor basically sets the trigger when someone is within that distance you can trigger whatever action you want…

Maybe someone here would have something better to chip in !


Thanks, @melvyn_br , I’ll take a look! :slight_smile:

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Reminder, from Phidget article

Open Source important note

Intuiface does not provide out-of-the-box support for the Phidgets Interface Asset. No additional features or bug fixes will be made nor support will be offered. We have open sourced our legacy support and posted it to GitHub.

Feel free to contribute!

We recommend you to check our Interface Asset - Nexmosphere article if you want to add sensors directly supported by Intuiface.


Heh. The client suddenly wants to scrap this idea now, which I suppose is okay as it lets me off the hook…? Thanks for your help though everyone!

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:frowning: that’s disappointing but not surprising though, it seems the usual case – something new ---- create all the hype/ promote it – scrap after something else comes up. In this case Phidgets ruled till they got killed by Nexmosphere I guess. I’d be keen to see how long Nexmosphere stays alive, till it gets replaced by something else.

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