World Map png + countries

Need to create a presentation for a company with their branches all over the world and I searched on Shutterstock but couldn’t find any world map with additonals detached countries map. The experience is based on a touch over a country and this switch colour. Does anybody knows any website where can I find what I am looking for? thanks


Why don’t you use Mapbox with custom pins?

Then you can directly interact with the map other than being an image.

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Client wants a static (no interactive) map. Also the countries should be detached and no pins. Mapbox is good for interactions but we need something grapich. Thx

Ciao Andrea, come stai ?! :slight_smile:

Did you give a try to ?

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Ciao Alexis, tutto bene! e tu?
Thanks that was just what I was looking for! Molte grazie :ok_hand::+1::+1:

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