Working with GraphQL API Framework in Intuiface

I am working on a Digital Asset Management Platform API integration that is based on the GraphQL framework. Unlike REST-based APIs, this is a query language that can tap into multiple data sources with a single request (endpoint), rather than requiring separate URLs for each web service. More information here:

The framework is ingeniously organized in terms of types and fields—rather than endpoints. For example, I currently make a request to Airtable for the content of a base that displays each craft beer that is on tap at a specific tap house location, and through a second Interface Asset make a request to the social media web service called UNTAPPD to display ratings from patrons on the beers that are tasting at that same location. Theoretically with GraphQL, I could make one request to tap into both data sources (pun intended).

My question to the community: Has anyone worked with GraphQL in the Intuiface—either through API Explorer, through a custom Interface Asset, or directly in a web browser, and if so, what your experiences have been?

Is more direct support for GraphQL in the Intuiface roadmap?

Hi Scott @shpeterson ,

API Explorer currently does not support GraphQL and as far as I know, we don’t have any plans to embed GraphQL requests in API Explorer.

I’ve only seen 2 requests from customers and they are both 3+ years old, you’d be the 3rd one.

I guess you could probably create a custom Interface Asset in TypeScript to use GraphQL, but that’s extra work compared to API Explorer.

Looking at Untappd documentation, I don’t see any reference to GraphQL, so do you have any pointer showing how you’d like to use that type of queries?
Also, it looks like Untappd doesn’t allow to create Apps / generate client ID / Secret anymore, so send us a message to if you want to discuss this privately.



Thank you, Seb. Always appreciate your thorough responses. My error in not further qualifying my original post. The use case of Airtable and UNTAPPD API integrations was only hypothetical. I know in both cases that we have a solid REST-based solution through API Explorer, which I am currently utilizing.

I am thinking ahead for the release of DALiM ES Fusion, a digital asset management system, whose API is based upon GraphQL. ES Fusion is currently in Alpha, so will know more in Q2 2024, and will reach out again when I know more.

Thank you again.

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