With player for Windows display selection question

I’m creating an experience which will only run on a single external display with the laptop screen being available for other tasks. When I run the experience, it always plays on the laptop screen instead of the external display.

How do I get an experience to run on the external display?

Hi Chuck,

Is this running an experience through Composer or Player?

If you are running the composer and want to view the experience after it has launched, you can press F11 on your keyboard - you may have to press it a few times. This should move the experience to an external monitor that is connected to your laptop - This will only work if you are using the windows player and not the next gen player.

If you are running the player and wish to launch the experience every time on the external display I recommended you read this article: Run a Windows PC-based experience on a multi-screen display

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Hi Chuck @programmers,

In addition to the article that @Louie mentioned, I’d recommend looking at this one too: https://support.intuiface.com/hc/en-us/articles/360007433711-Command-line-options-for-Player-for-Windows

In addition to explaining how to run 1 XP on multiple screens (extended display option), it’ll also give you the command lines to run “only” on a 2nd screen.

Perfect, thanks Seb!

Ha Louie… great going, I just got to know from another person working at your previous company that you have joined Intuiface… Congratulations !!

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@Seb… missed that as I’m not too a frequent visitor to the site these days, keep coming in once in a while to check on updates.