Windows Player: Error Code 6405

While I await feedback from support, has any one else has issues with the latest Windows Player.

My client has had some issues:

  • ‘Error Code 4605’ when trying to download an experience.
  • ‘Player enchanted a critical error’ notice when the experience is running.
  • Experience stops running and only shows 2 or 7 clickable buttons on my home screen.

It’s all very odd and was working fine prior to the Windows Player v.6.2.0 update.

The experience has been setup on 5 laptops for a presentation today. 3 have the download error, 1 is working while another is working but only shows 2 of the 7 clickable buttons.

I appreciate any feedback or insight.

I’ve logged all this in the ‘Bug Report’ Support page too.

@randall: Sorry for the inconvenience. I just gave you a couple of directions to try on the Support ticket thread you opened. Support will take an in-depth view first thing on Monday am (CET).

Thanks for the update Vincent.

Is there anyway you could share those directions? I am having the same issues. Experiences will play across the network but not download. Each laptop gets to 34% then throws the error. Both are updated to the most current player.

Any help would be great.

Has anyone ever figured out what exactly an error 6405 is and how to rectify the situation?

I too have a client in the field experiencing this issue.

Hi @erichpeters,

This error has been encountered mainly when trying to download XPs with a very long file name, a very large size, on a full drive, and a few other reasons.
Retrying to download often solves the issue.
If it doesn’t, I recommend you to start a discussion on our support website