WIndows Display setting - Alignemnt of multiple monitors

I cannot seem to get the alignment of my 4 monitors 2x2 set correctly.
There is always 1 offset causing my XP to be shifted. The Windows display settings do not “snap” correctly when I try to position them. Any advice?

Hi Hootie,

Is this an RTX GPU you are referring to when setting up the displays.

Yes. When in Windows Display settings, I cannot get all 4 monitors to “snap” together. There is always 1 that gets on offset from the others. I tried to design around it by moving/removing vertical and horizontal line that span the XP.

Yesterday I set up another set of 4 monitors in our production area to run this XP. The alignment on that machine is apparently different with the offset on a different monitor. What looked good in the R&D room looks way out of whack on it.

Never use the windows display configuration,

You will need to use the Nvidia Control Panel i always stay away from windows config because of this reason.

Set the displays up as a Mosaic under the control panel choose 2x2 and hit apply and that should do the trick.


Thanks Louie,

I will give it a try. I looked at it briefly and noticed Nvidia and Windows have assigned the monitors differently, 3 is 1, 4 is 2…

Should Windows be set to extend to all monitors or will Control Panel take care of that?

My company is also in the process of pushing out Win 10 update 1809 making me update to DCH drivers. I am also having trouble getting Nvidia Control (not installed with the new drivers) and only available form the Microsoft store (company blocked) I have 1 pc pre update with control panel.

I also get to present what I what I built to Executives next Thursday. Yeah ME!!

if none of the displays are active when you turn the machine on you can hit the option to activate all the displays under the nvidia control panel and then setup a mosaic.

Ignore the windows assigned numbers

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Well, Mosaic got my alignment taken care of.
Now my touch screens are misaligned.

What is the touch hardware you are using?

They are 4 independent touch screens. Dell C7520QT.

Now that it is all one windows desktop you might have to re calibrate in the windows calibration but i cannot be for certain.

Calibration now only sees 1 screen. All touch points are now in the wrong areas and move disproportionally.

I will have to use Windows display settings (for now), though I think I found the offset culprit. The “Show Desktop” button seems to reserve the same amount a screen real-estate as the offset I am seeing. The offset moves if I move the Main Display from screen to screen. Looking for tools to remove that button.