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I would like to know how people are getting around the windows 10 auto update. I have set the update time between the hrs that the screen will be not seen. However to day was the launch and after running as a test for 2 days without a problem the computer was forcing and update on the opening day!!! After I told windows to run the update at 3am it still popped up every hr asking me to update and restart. I have the times not to do updates from 10am till 1am!!! Please help.


Just turn windows updates off via the services.msc

  • Windows Key + R
  • Run dialog box will appear type “services.msc”
  • Scroll down the list until you see “Windows Updates”
  • Right click the service and then stop the service and disable it within the properties

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Wouldn’t the service start backup after a reboot?



It seems the service will not restart at reboot but windows will in certain situations start the service back up automatically!

I find this info at
And apparently the only way to avoid download (and therefore avoid any update) is to declare your internet connection as “metered” (see in the previous article).

Other possible solution:

If someone can confirm it?



If possible, upgrading to Windows 10 Professional would allow you to enforce stronger policies for windows updates. I believe you can even stop them completely until you decide to install them.

Otherwise, I’ve used @christophe 's advice and set metered connections for many displays.