Will the action "Clear Sharing Queue" erase Cached Emails?

I have a client who will be using their experience in an offline environment. I have each of their PDFs in it’s own pinboard group with a button that says, “Email”. When this is tapped it shows a pop-up with a text entry field for a visitor email address. A unique pop-up is evoked each time that each specific PDF-associated Email button is tapped, and puts that PDF into the Sharing Queue.

Once the email address is typed in and the visitor taps the “Enter” button, then a “Shared via Emailed - Hosted” action creates an email with that PDF as an attachment. Since they’re offline, this email will be cached.

Because I only want one email sent out per each PDF, and only one PDF attached to each email, once that pinboard group containing that PDF is closed, I’ve added an action to Clear Sharing Queue.

With that premise, my question is this: Will Clear Sharing Queue erase the cached emails?

Hello Cullen,

In fact the cached emails will be erased only if they have successfully be sent or if the cached files are manually deleted.

We suggest you to try it out first as you might have storage/attachment size limits preventing the emails to be sent.



Thank you, sir. I just wanted to be clear and not assume anything.