Why You Should Use Excel With IntuiFace

Are any of the following familiar:

  • Your experience is comprised of multiple scenes with identical layouts. The only difference is in the content. It’s become a big (huge!) experience that’s tough to manage.
  • You’re building your experience for a third party and they don’t want (or you don’t want them) to use IntuiFace. However, they do want the ability to make content changes on their own.
  • You want your users to be able to call up any of a large volume of content. You’ve placed all this content in your scene and performance - particularly on tablets - is being affected.

It doesn’t have to be this way and Excel is the answer.

Read all about it in our blog post

There are lots of sample experiences that make use of excel on the IntuiFace marketplace.

Download them here and make them your own: Experience Marketplace | My Intuiface