Why we dropped Instagram support

On 3-June we officially discontinued our support for Instagram. As a direct result, the Instagram interface asset will be removed from IntuiFace Version 5.5, due to ship this week. Why did we do this?

Beginning this month, Instagram added an authentication prerequisite to the use of their API. Specifically, Instagram now requires account login using an authentication method based on the OAuth2 specification. In practical terms, this means they require someone to manually log into an Instagram account – using a Web browser - before the API can be used. OAuth2 prohibits automatized account login and thus there is no way for IntuiFace to natively communicate with Instagram. (You could use our Web Browser asset to manually access your Instagram account but none of the information in that Web session would be available to the rest of IntuiFace.)

It is completely out of our hands; there is nothing we can do. We are forced to discontinue our Instagram support. And by the way, this authentication roadblock is the exact same reason behind our inability to provide Facebook or Google+ support.

We’re quite sorry for this inconvenience. We will continue to monitor matters in case a new, adoptable option presents itself. For example, we are exploring the use of Facebook Login for Devices as it is a valid scenario pretty well aligned with what our users do. (No such service exists for Instagram – yet.)

Let us know if you have any questions.