Where do remotely deployed experiences get stored?


I recently got the Funky Photo Booth experience from Marketplace. When I play the experience in composer and use it to send the photo to an email that email address gets saved in an Excel file. (PC/Documents/Intuiface/Photo Booth) However when I remote deploy the same experience to my Windows touch screen I can’t seem to find where the Excel file with the email addresses is stored. When remote deploying to a computer running only Player where does the experience get stored in the file system? Thanks


Hi @badams

You can find deployed Experiences at: C:\Users\Public\IntuiFace\[Experience ID]

Hope this helps.


Thank you Alex!

Really appreciate it, have a great day!


I’ve always wondered that! With past XPs, if there was data that was written onto an Excel document that I needed access to later, I would just program in that the XP would email me the Excel doc because I had NO idea where to look for it! Thank you. :slight_smile: