What's the difference between Intuiface and Showpad?


Recently I learned about showpad: https://www.showpad.com/
It has some similarities to Intuiface. Does anyone have experience with this or can someone explain the core differences? I hope i’m not offending anyone by asking this question in the Intuiface community. Still love intuiface and the community. I’m just asking out of curiosity :slight_smile:

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Nobody has had a stab at this yet so here’s my opinion.

Taking a glance over there website and reading the documentation it appears this is an online platform and you have to host the content on their servers, with Intuiface its optional plus you can store the content locally.

You have to purchase the “Ultimate” package to be able to create your own experience, with Intuiface you can do it right off the bat even with the free version.

Pricing? Well we ask the question to why is there pricing not visible on the website? its probably because its a pricey solution therefor you may be turned when seeing a heavy price tag. You have to ask yourself, what can Intuiface do that Showpad can’t? Well that’s an easy answer. Intuiface allows you to create experience without even a drop of code, Yes if you are the more advanced user but generally putting something together quickly is a few moment effort. I don’t think Showpad has is a desktop application so there is a need for an internet connection which unlike Intuiface which is not essential.

This is my brief opinion on “Showpad”

But the one for me is “Can Showpad create Object Recognition experience’s?” well ill let you answer that. I would probably put “Showpad” to something like Xibo.

I haven’t said this because i am hardcore Intuiface fan :sunglasses::wink:… Well i am but i think what i have said is fair.




Let me supplement Louie’s very accurate points. Showpad’s focus is on the management and distribution of pre-built sales collateral. The presentation of that collateral is the usual set of generic templates, unless you purchase the Ultimate plan and write your own HTML code (or pay Showpad for the service).

Why use Showpad? If you have sales reps assigned to different sectors in different regions, and you have an ever rotating set of collateral. Showpad enables you to control who has access to what collateral and feed it to in-the-field reps through templates. The presentation itself is just an assortment of images, videos, and pdfs. Showpad monitors what each rep uses and the insight feeds an engine that can make recommendations to marketing about what collateral is most popular and works best.

Why not use Showpad? If you want to do anything other than show a bunch of images, videos, and pdfs. :slight_smile: Intuiface puts the way a story is told on the same footing as the content of the story. Intuiface can work with any content management system but - as a result - cannot implement the controls that Showpad highlights. For Intuiface, collateral management is a user responsibility. And since it’s a DIY product, you don’t have to know HTML coding or pay for services to get anything other than image walls and the like.

Showpad would likely never be used on a point of sale terminal, museum exhibition, information kiosk, digital concierge board, etc. It’s a sales tool for sales reps who need to know what they can show a prospect and don’t care too much about how that content is displayed.

At the end of the day, it should be mighty clear whether Showpad or Intuiface is suitable for a given need. There’s so much difference that if one solutions fits the bill, the other wouldn’t really work anyway. If the main goal is collateral management and distribution, Showpad works. If the goal is to tell a unique story in an engaging way, Intuiface is the answer.


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Wow thanks for all your answers! They’re very informative and I now have a clear picture of the differences! Thanks again!

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