What new sample experience would you like to have in the marketplace?

You can already download a wide variety of sample experiences from the marketplace:

Tell us what new sample experiences would be useful to you.

I would like to see one experience reproducing a fortune wheel game in Intuiface. With swipe gesture to make it spin and prize selection when the wheel spin stops.

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Hi @nelsonjd! Did you have a look at the Grocery Promotion sample? In the Games section, you will find such a wheel.

Please tell us if you need more information about it.

I would like to see something with Way finding for a mall or something similar.


I would definitley like to see a Memory Game – You know, this card game in which all of the cards are laid face down and two cards are flipped face up over in order to turn over pairs of matching cards.
I’m trying to do exactly this at the moment, but I’m stuck and don’t get any further…

Would be awesome to see this as an example. Also every hint to help me is highly appreciated :slight_smile:

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Totally Agree with that Way finding, UP!

Good news, this memory game is arriving soon in the Marketplace :slight_smile: