What Gesture Control/Touch Emulation tech to integrate with Intuiface?

Over recent months, there has been an increased interest among Intuiface Users in the integration of gesture control/touch emulation technology with Intuiface Experiences. You may have noticed here and there on Intuiface Community some updates and exchanges in this regard.

For your convenient reference, I would like to share this page where you can get a quick summary of Intuiface Tech Ecosystem brands that provide in-air hand gesture technologies that work with Intuiface without coding. Please note Intuiface’s support is not limited to the list but that the mentioned brands are confirmed to work seamlessly with Intuiface. Also, the list will continue to grow so stay tuned!

Also for those who missed it during the last Intuiface Virtual User conference,
In this session recording of Exploring “Touchless Touch” Options, @Seb briefly walks you through the demonstrations of these techs working with Intuiface.


This is very exciting to see more traction in this area, thanks for sharing!