Whack a Mole concept

The whack a mole is just the concept, but what I am looking to do is have a “mole” appear in random locations on the screen but rather than have them use the touch screen, they would use an iPad to “smack” the mole in one of the locations. They would only “smack” it once and get the score for the location they hit the mole.

The question is, how do you have an object randomly appear/disappear and reappear in different defined locations consistently till someone smacks it using the iPad interface?

Doing more research I guess this is a randomizer application. Is what I described for the whack a Mole possible with randomizer?

Hi @mharmon,

This indeed sounds completely doable. If you object has multiple possible discrete positions, I’d recommend to use the random from list interface asset to pick one of the available positions to “show the mole”.
You can combine this with a conditional trigger to only show it while you need to.

Could you tell us more about the setup and the link to the iPad(s)?

Thank you Seb!

The ipad is meant to potentially start the game and then have the user touch the iPad again to stop the mole in a certain location to win a prize.

With the display screen the game is on being a touch screen, ideally all of this would happen on touch screen. However the client has specified the iPad and in the case that they insist to use it, I just wanted to make sure that would be a possible option.

Thank you

Hi @mharmon

You want to replicate something like this?

This was achieved by creating multiple variables with about 20 different images which when pressed would generate a new value thus changing the position.

Agreed with what @Seb has suggested that should be all you need.

Kind Regards