webRTC & Player Next Gen?

Hello All—Pretty green on all things API related, but I have a question for the community: With Player NextGen’s updated architecture, has anyone tried anything video call related through Player Next Gen using webRTC APIs? I’m wondering if composer could be used to create a custom interface, using the webRTC APIs to do a video call/video share directly from Player. I see they also have APIs for Android/iOS so it might be possible on those operating systems. Thanks for any experience or insights you can offer on whether this would even be possible.

Hi Phil,

I don’t think our customers who’ve had access to Player Next Gen so far have been working on projects requiring webRTC, but that’s something we could discuss with Kurt and I in a direct call.

I do know we have several customers who did that with our Web Browser asset and the current Player for Windows though.

Thanks Seb! This was more of a conceptual idea at this point in our quest for an integrated package—thanks for the tip though!

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