Webcam to render at HD (Full Resolution)


This would be awesome to have the ability to be able to change the resolution and any features such as Zoom, Pan, Orientation of a Webcam. Because at the moment we are limited to a certain resolution and no functionality when it comes to using the webcams capabilities.

  • The option to select multiple webcams. - in an ideal situation to have a photobooth with multiple webcams so more than one person or groups can have there photo taken.

  • Full DSLR Camera Support.

  • Yes
  • No

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Agreed. At least something better than 640x480.


In our :new: upcoming release (any moment now!) we’ve made some serious enhancements to the webcam asset.
In particular for the following properties;

Camera: Indicates the camera that the experience will use, the dropdown menu lets you choose among the following choices:

  • Default: Will use the default camera of the device.
  • A list with all installed webcams, displayed with their name
  • Android - Webcam User: to specify the Webcam User of an Android Tablet (Front camera)
  • Android - Webcam Environment: to specify the Webcam Environment of an Android Tablet

You also have the ability to directly specify the name of a Webcam.

Mirror image - If selected, the live feed will act like a mirror reflection.

Delay - The time - in tenths of a second - between live action and when that action is displayed in the Webcam asset. Increasing the delay will improve image quality.

Video resolution: Indicates the video resolution to use. You have 3 choices:

  • 320 x 240
  • 640 x 480: Recommended
  • Set by camera: corresponds to the maximum resolution available with the selected camera.


is there a way to have multiple webcams at once??

This is brilliant news!!!

What about DSLR Camera’s?


If you have multiple cameras you will have to choose the one you want to use (so no, no option of multiple cameras) you can however have a different camera on each scene.
DSLR cameras are not supported at this point.