Webcam record

Hello people!
I´d like to know if there is a way to use Intuiface to have following structure: show images, videos and, on another page, open the keyboard to enter personal informations and then, open the webcam with a counter to record a message from my visitor. Would like to have a counter showing the remaining time to finish record. When finish, stop recording and return to the main menu.
I don´t have programming skills.
Preferably use software from Logitech webcams.
Thank you for your help.

Hi @decio,

All you said is doable except recording a video directly from the Webcam asset within IntuiFace.
A solution could be to run a third party app using a transparent player background such as logitech software to handle that recording.


Hello Seb,

Thank you for the information.
I´ll try what you suggested, but this not solve my problem.
I really need to record a video instead to only capture images.


@decio I haven’t really worked with webcams all that much for our types of displays…but I wonder another work around would be to find a website that can access the camera and do the recording? Try pointing the Web Browser asset to it and see how it works. If it seems to do the job, you may have a bit more control since it’s still in the Intuiface environment.

But I certainly agree - the webcam asset with recording abilities would be a very nice feature.