Webbrowser preload bug

I have build a scene where there are multiple webrowsers in a hidden state that only show when a certain button is tapped. Only when I enter that scene with the ipad player one of the browsers is in a visible state for a few seconds, after the webpage is loaded it turn in to a hidden state again which is weird because that browser has exactly the same properties as the others (except the url). The experience does not do this running in the composer on my pc. Is there any way I can fix this?

Dear @Onne,
Questions related to bugs (as well as installation and license questions) are directed to our support platform, as it’s less likely that community members would be able to help you.

I created the relevant thread on our support platform,

In the meanwhile, feel free to introduce yourself, suggest any features you’d like to have in our wishlist, look for inpsiration or just browse around =)