Web browser asset issues

I have an experience that was working until the most recent update that used the web browser asset to call on a directory of files on the local hard drive. On our remote (on-site) unit the web browser asset displays an error that it cannot open files outside of the experience, and when I test the Composer file on my workstation, the web browser asset shows up blank.

I’ve checked the filepath that the web browser asset has been pointing to and it’s correct. The error shown on the remote unit also displays the correct filepath for the location of the files on that PC as well.

Has something changed with the way that the web browser asset functions or how it should be set up? Any assistance that will help me troubleshoot this would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @cullenb

The only related update on Web Browser Asset I can think of is from v6.4.1 (21-Aug-2019)

Web Browser no longer has access to local content - such as by entering a URI like file:///C:/Users/… We’re becoming more sensitive to issues of security - in line with our ongoing effort to become ISO 27001 compliant (https://www.iso.org/isoiec-27001-information-security.html).

How are formatted the URLs you target, can you provide a sample?

A way to solve your issue could be to check the property Access local file system in Web Browser Asset > Behavior > Security




Ah, that’s the one! It’s been a while since I’ve used this asset. I forgot about that checkbox. Thank you, sir. I really appreciate it.

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