Web Browser asset doesn't work with turn.js and touch frame


I’m having some problems with web browser asset. I do a local webpage using turn.js (http://www.turnjs.com/). With mouse everything works fine, but when I plugged a touch frame the flipbook stops to work even with mouse.

Before, I tried to use the Document Asset to do the flipbook effect, but because I need change the images It didn’t work well.

Thanks by now.

Hi Ricardo @TI-PB

Could you tell us more about your original need and why you couldn’t use the Document asset?

Regarding your issue with turnjs, I’d suggest you to post a request on our support website directly.



Hello Seb.

In the experience I created the public creates a page in a abum photos. When this page is finished it is added to the album. To display the album I used the page turning effect that exists in the document asset, however, it is connected to the pdf that was imported into the Composer. As I realized that the document asset generates pages in png made a .bat file that runs outside the Intuiface player to move the pages of my visitors (snapshots) to the folder where the document asset generates PNGs. This even worked, but sometimes the Album does not update the pages and everything is messy.

Because of that I decided to use the turn.js which I believe is the best way, but then I had the problem with the touch frame. While using the mouse to turn the pages everything works fine, but just plug the touch frame and the asset browser loses interactivity.

I tested the same page in Chrome and it works even with the touch frame.

This information helps you understand better?

HI Ricardo,

Yes it does. Putting png images in the temporary folder used by the internal mechanism of our Document asset is not something we can support. If you share your experience with me, I can have a look at it but can’t promise any result.

Regarding Turn.js, as mentioned earlier, I suggest you to open a discussion on the support website so the team can help you with this specific question.


Hi Seb.

Thanks for your attention. I’ll post about Turn.js on the support website.

How could I share my experience with you? It is in the intuilab cloud.


The support team would tell you that, but you can just share it with xp-for-support (at) intuilab (dot) com