Web assest: x-frame-options

When I play my project on my Android tablet, the web asset only shows an error (but not when playing on my Windows computer): " Refused to display http… because remote web page refused (due to X-Frame-Options).

So it sounds like an issue with the website, but it does display when played in the Windows PC.

Any ideas what the problem is?

I have exactly the same problem. This might be caused by website html structure, but I’m not sure. If anyone knows how to fix it, let us know. Thank you.

I was provided an alternative that helps: An action that opens the website in the tablet’s default webbrowser instead. It does mean you have to switch back to IntuiFace but at least it helps: Opening Web app on tablet instead of using Web Asset? - Help from Community - Intuiface Community

Thank you! This helped me a lot.