From time to time, we are receiving requests from our customers and prospects asking us “Are you doing Wayfinding?”
Good question ;-). Our answer is usually either “Yes, you can do it” - if we believe the user might have the deep IntuiFace skills to build a wayfinding solution but it’s usually not the case since we get this question from users new to IntuiFace -, or we reply “No, we are sorry we don’t” - but I kinda hate this answer which leaves a prospect without a choice but to not being a user -.

So – you would tell me - we could get on ourselves and build one wayfinding solution. But we have still some much things to do on our plate that such solution would be put on our roadmap for in a year or two… And, more important, we would be missing the great opportunity for our expert community to play a major role in bringing a wayfinding solution based on IntuiFace to current and future IntuiFace users.

The business opportunity is real, the existing wayfinding solutions are very “closed” (hard to customized without paying huge fees to the supplier), and don’t even have 10% of the “programming” capabilities of IntuiFace. As such, even if you believe your wayfinding solution is not as fancy as some the “3D” solutions on the market, it is certainly much more versatile because built on top of IntuiFace.

So, Expert, please promote your IntuiFace-powered solution (if you have one or plan about it) on this forum. Now is the opportunity to show up! And I can tell that interested parties are watching!

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Our company from Europe - ALTUM RETAIL can help with wayfinding on intuiface solution. Here is a video of Demo solution we’ve made: Wayfinder - YouTube . You can contact me: ernestas@altumretail.com


Hi Vincent,
It’s really interesting how your post on Wayfinding came at the right time. We at IXFocus specialize in digital wayfinding and have built interactive way finding for hospitals, universities, expos and many more on a customizable platform. Recently we got involved in a building wayfinding directory and wanted to deploy quickly and were exploring the possibility of using Intuiface. We have built a highly customizable and dynamic wayfinding on Intuiface. Check out the video here - - YouTube

However, there are some things which are on our wishlist such as the ability to draw a line animation or even have an animated GIF file play.


Impressive Justinas! We’ll publish this video on our Showcase page.

Hi there!
I saw your youtube video and was impressed with the wayfinder design that you created.
I am also new to wayfinding design and would like to you can share some tips and as well to know if it is possible to do the dotted lines showing movement to get from point A to point B.

Any advice would be helpful.


Since this topic has been brought up. :wink: Just thought I’d make a precision on it:
@shameer IntuiFace now support animated gif.

Hi Colin,

I know some of our users have pre-generated GIFs with the animated dotted lines for each of the potential destinations.

On a more basic scenario, the team is working on a sample to explain how to quickly create a Wayfinding app with IntuiFace. You should hear about this one after we release the exciting 6.2 version :wink:

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Hi All,

I did try this, with a simple approach of using dotted lines and with the right triggers and VOILA !!

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Continuing the discussion from Wayfinding:

Hi Seb,

On a more basic scenario, the team is working on a sample to explain how to quickly create a Wayfinding app with IntuiFace. You should hear about this one after we release the exciting 6.2 version

Have you ever released this or is it still in the works?
I’m looking for an automated solution to draw lines on a custom mapbox map (point A to point B)
All the POI locations will loaded via an API.

Because of the huge amount of combinations and future customization, using pre-generated GIFs is not an option.

Hi @b.vvliet,

Yes we did release the Shopping Mall Wayfinder but as I said, it’s a basic scenario that doesn’t not involve path generation and display.
We still don’t have an easy way to generate such a path, and today my recommendation for such a feature would be to go through some HTML5 displayed either in the Web Browser asset or the HTML Frame asset.