Wayfinding and navigation expert wanted for mobile deployment

Our objective is for the user to create a multi-destination wayfinding route and provide live navigation on the mobile device (similar to the functionality of Google Maps).Does anyone know the limitations and functionality of Mapbox to achieve this end? If you have experience, are you able to assist in creating this functionality with Composer?

Hi @ben1,

The Map collection provided in IntuiFace, based on Mapbox, doesn’t propose any directions / itinerary functionality.
Could you tell us more about the scenario you have in mind? What would happen on the IntuiFace driven device / on the user personal mobile?


Thanks Seb,

On the intuiface driven device we will trigger wayfinding based on animations as the kiosk will be fixed.

On the mobile device we’d like to use the GPS functionality to show the users location and a path to the next waypoint.

Ben Silla