i am new to wayfinder. i am been tasked to create a wayfinder for a shopping mall. Are there videos or step by step how-to. i can be referred to?



How about trying this sample for starters: https://my.intuiface.com/marketplace/detail.aspx?name=Shopping%20Mall%20Wayfinder


And the associated article explaining everything :wink:



Did the answers of my colleague help you? How are you progressing on your Wayfinding experience?



Hi, thank you for the follow up. I am wondering if there is any wayfinding example I can lay my hands on, especially editing the wayfinding template for a shopping mall. That will help me greatly.



Yes, such an example exists, that’s the one referenced by my colleagues above.
I’m giving you the link again here: https://my.intuiface.com/marketplace/detail.aspx?name=Shopping%20Mall%20Wayfinder

You can also download it directly from the Marketplace tab in your Composer’s experience panel. See below.

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