Watermark on monthly Subscription

Hi there,

I’m wanting to double check something with the licensing model.
If I purchase a month subscription of the essential or higher models for the composer to resave an experience without a watermark. When that experience is used on a perpetual licensed player it’ll still have no watermark. However once the month’s subscription ends will the watermark reappear on the experience or once it is published without the watermark and restrictions then it’ll always appear watermark free in the player?

Heya Jonny,

I confirm you the Watermark won’t appear on a perpetual Player when your Composer Monthly license expires.

You can find all the details in this dedicated Article: Rules for editing and playing experiences across different Composer plans.



Good day Jonny,

Alex is right. An Intuiface experience, once converted to a paid format (from a paid Composer) will remain in this format and with no watermark, regardless of your Composer subscription status.
Please note that:

  1. if you make any updates later on this same experience with free Composer, the interactive experience will revert to a ‘free’ format
  2. perpetual Players are only offered to clients in possession of at least one active annual Enterprise Composer.

Trust the above answers your questions.
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